Step 2: Send us your owner data file and security team information

Owner Data File

When you first sign-up for Condo Control Central, we will import all of your owner and resident data to our secure servers. To do this, we need you to send us a data file containing all of the information you would like uploaded. Most managers have this available in an Excel file, but you can send us the information in whatever format you have available. 

Because Resident information contains confidential data, we would advise you not to send it through email. But instead, upload it directly into the file library of your CondoControlCentral workspace.

To do this, simply login to the CondoControlCentral account that was setup for you (you should have received an email asking you to setup a password for your account), and then click on 'Library' at the left-hand side. Once you access the Library, go into 'Activation Files' folder. There you can click 'Add a File' at the top right which will allow you upload a file from your computer. Regarding privacy, this Activation folder can only be accessed by Property Managers. Once it is uploaded, please let us know so that we can proceed with setting up the database in the system.

Information that is required:

  • Unit numbers
  • Off-site owner mailing addresses
  • Owner/Tenant first & last names (please indicate Owner/Tenant status)
  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers (Home/Mobile/Work)

Other, optional information:

  • Unit Legal Descriptions
  • Buzzer Codes
  • Company names
  • Emergency contact information (Name/Relationship/Phone/Email)
  • Parking and Vehicle information (Make/Model/Colour/License Plate)
  • FOB numbers
  • Locker numbers

Security Guard Names & Cell Phone Numbers

Please provide a list of all security guards that work at the site, and a cell phone number for each of them. (This is used to reset their password in the event that they forget it.) For the security supervisor, please provide an email address as well.

Once we set your security team up in our system, we will provide you with a list of login information for them. Once logged in, your team will have access to our self-guided training modules so that they can learn about using the system to its full capacity.

If you have any questions, please contact your Customer Activation Specialist at 888-762-6636, or


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