Unit File Overview

The "Unit File" tab allows administrators to view and edit the details of all the owners and residents through Condo Control Central.

By default, "Unit File" displays all of its contained information in a searchable table. You can add a filter to what is displayed by entering the condition in the search box, these conditions can include: unit number, owner names, etc.

Unit Detail:

Click on “Add New Unit” to add a new unit to the building. Here, administrators can create the building unit and enter their description, unit legal description, current type, most recent sale date, occupancy date, move-in date, create their own temporary passwords for the owners and tenants, unit address, their off-site address, and their lease details.

For instructions on how to create a new unit, click here.

Each unit's details can be viewed by clicking on the unit number. Here, administrators will be able to edit the unit’s descriptions. They can update information, such as: the type of the unit, the sale date, the move-in date, and the off-site address for an off-site owner. They will also have access to the temporary passwords for new users using Condo Control Central.

For instructions on how to edit unit details, click here.

When clicking on the “Users” tab, it will list all the users that are listed in that unit. You can also enter common elements which includes: parking spot, locker, and bike rack location by clicking on the “Common Elements” tab. When clicking on the “Vehicles” tab, administrators can enter the information of the vehicles that are owned by the users of the unit. Other information that you can update in Unit File include: authorizations, buzzer codes, pet information, parcel waivers, attachments, notes, and history records.

User Detail:

Click on “Add New User” to create a new user into the system. Enter their unit number (if they are a owner or resident), title, first and last name, company name, e-mail address/username, mobile phone number, language preference, and select their appropriate group(s).

For instructions on how to create a new user, click here.

Each user’s details can be viewed by clicking on the user’s name. The user’s details will display their First and last name, the group they are in, their e-mail address, if they have unsubscribed to the e-mails, if they require assistance when in an emergency, their related units, their phone numbers, and their parcel waivers. All this information can be edited by simply clicking on “edit”. The user can be deleted from the workspace by clicking on “delete”. If the user requires a password reset, the administrator may click “Reset Password” and the user will receive an e-mail with a link to create a new password.

For instructions on how to edit a user's details, click here.

The user detail also allows the administrator to edit the emergency contacts, FOB, remotes, keys, buzzer codes, vacations, and a history record of the changes that were made on the user’s account.

Process Unit Ownership Change:

If a unit has sold or a tenant has moved out, you can click Process Unit Ownership Change to update the system with the new details.

Here you can deactivate and create a new user. The administrator may also input new information regarding the vehicle, unit common elements, pets, and the offsite address.

If you have added a new user to the unit, once you have clicked “finish”, you will have the option to print out a welcome letter that contains sign-up instructions and a temporary password to give to the new user.

For instructions on how to process a unit ownership change, click here.

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