Creating incident reports

This user guide will show how to create a  incident reports 


To log a new incident report:

  1. Log into Condo Control Central and select the "Security & Concierge" tab.

       2. Click the "New Incident Report" button.

  1. Enter the report details. Indicate the incident type, timing of the incident, title and details of what happened, related unit, name of the person who is reporting the incident, suspect (if applicable).

  2. If you need to attach a file, you can do so by clicking "Choose File" near the bottom of the page.
  3. If you want to send a report to a certain group, mark checkbox(es) to the left of a group(s). Once completed please click on the save tab to complete the process 

You can later print the incident report by selecting it from the activity stream and clicking "Print".




Make sure the title and report body are filled in correctly. Editing es enabled only in terms of adding an update (including uploading a file(s) or changing the status of the report.

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