How to create an incident report

Follow the steps below to create an Incident Report.


1. Log into your Condo Control account, then click on Security & Concierge in the left-hand menu.



2. Click on the Incident Report (page & badge) icon.


3. Give the incident report a title and enter as much information about the incident as possible, including the incident type, timing of the incident, details of what happened, related unit, name of the person who reported the incident, and suspect (if applicable). 


4. If Emergency Services were called, check the box next to "Click here if police, fire or others were called", then fill out the information for which departments were called, when they arrived, and the name of the persons attending. 



5. Optionally, you can attach a file by clicking Choose File near the bottom of the page.


6. If you'd like to print out an Incident Report, first search for it in the activity stream, click on its Title, then click on Print in the lower-right corner of the report.




Please note that, in order to maintain the integrity of the system, when updating an existing Incident Report you can only add additional details, upload a file, and change the status of the report - no further edits are available.

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