What do Service Request settings do?

In the Service Request section in the Setup page, the Service Request Settings can be changed.

The following are the settings available:

Service Request Feature: Enabled/Disabled

Changing this setting will restrict access to the service request feature based on group permission settings. If the feature is enabled, then Service Requests are available for use by every user in your Condo.


Service Request Name

This is the name used to refer to service requests. Enter the singular term and plural term separated by a comma. Can be changed to "Resident Requests", "Owner Suggestions", etc.


Service Request Instructions: [Text (supports HTML)]

 Message that is shown to users before they enter a service request.


Service Request Type Options

These are the available options owners can select from when entering a new service request. Enter the options separated by a comma. (Plumbing, Complaint, Electric, etc)


Service Request Reminders: Yes/No

Whether or not the site should send service request follow ups via email.


Allow Emailing the Board: Yes/No

Determines whether owners are given the option of contacting the board.


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