How to add a folder to the file library

To add a new folder to the file library:

1. Click "Library" in the side navigation.

2. Select "New Folder" at the top-right of the folders list.

3. In the next screen, give your folder a name and description and select if you would like the folder to be visible to the public. ("Public Website" refers to your website which can be seen without logging in. If you check this box, it will link the files in the folder to your public site.)

4. You can select who has access to the folder from each of the drop down menus. "No access" gives the group no access to the folder. "View access" gives the group the ability to view the folder's contents. "Full access" gives the ability to view the files and to add/delete files in the folder.

5. Click "Save"

6. Your new folder will now appear in the list of folders in the File Library. 

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