How to change folder permissions in the file library

To change a folder's permission settings:

1. Click on "Library" located in the side navigation.

2. Find the folder you want to edit on the "File Library Home" page. 

3. Click "Options...">"Change Permission Settings" (found on the right-side of the screen) for the folder.

4. Here, you will find a list of the different groups that your building has set up in the system.

5. Select which groups you would like to give access to the folder. "No Access" means that the group has no access to the folder. "View Access" gives the group the ability to view the folder contents and a download option. "Full Access" gives the group the ability to view the files and to add/delete files in the folder. 



6. There is also an option called "Visible to public" located above the list. Select this option if you would like this folder to be available for use on the public website. 

7. Click "Save" to update the folder's permission settings.


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