How to process a unit ownership change

Please click here if the Owner or Tenant is not moving out of the Condo but instead changing Units or Roles (Tenant -> Owner).

To Process an Ownership change:

1. Log into Condo Control Central and select "Unit File" from the side navigation.


2. Click on the Actions button and then click on the "Process Unit Ownership Change" button.


3. Search for the unit (by unit number).

4. Click "Select This Unit", on the right side of the page.

5. To deactivate a user, click on "deactivate" beside the user you would like to deactivate. To input a new owner/tenant's information, click on "New User" and input their user information, emergency contact, and buzzer code (if provided).


6. Click "Save" once you are finished.

7. If you have entered an email address in the "Email Address" field, a welcome letter will be sent to their email with information on how to login and their temporary password. If you have entered a mobile number in the "Cell Phone" field, a temporary password will be sent to the user's mobile.

8. You can add or deactivate vehicles, assets, unit common elements, pets, and an offsite address while in the "Process an Ownership Change" page.

9. Click "Finish" once you have made the necessary changes. 



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