How to add a new user

To add a new user to the system:

1. Log into Condo Control Central and select the "Unit File" tab

2.Click the "Actions" button, then click on "Add New User" 


3. On the following page, enter the new user's information in the form. The mandatory fields are Last Name, Email Address/Username and User Group.

For security or a property manager, a unit is not needed.  Enter their first name, last name, e-mail address and a phone number.

For security, enter an e-mail and this will generate an e-mail containing login information and the temporary password.

Create a user name and enter their mobile number to generate a temporary password via SMS. Add them to the appropriate group and click “Save”.

An e-mail address is not required, if the user will not need to login to CCC.

4. Click "Save"to finish adding the user. The user will then receive a Welcome Email to register for access if added with an email address. The user will then receive a temporary password via SMS if added with a username and mobile number.


*Note that if you enter an email address for the user, an activation email will be sent to them* 

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