How to post an announcement


To post a new announcement:

1. Log into Condo Control Central. You can access announcements by clicking on "Announcements" underneath the home button on the left-side menu.

2. Click the "Add New Announcement" button.

3. Enter the title and details for the announcement. (If you would like the announcement displayed on the lobby display, select "Lobby Display" from the section where it states: "How would you like to send the announcement?")

4. Select an expiration date. (The announcement will disappear from the TV and the home page if the expiration date passes). 


5. Select whether you would like to post the announcement now or for a future date.


6. You can attach a file (Optional - The File will be visible when attached to the announcement)


7. If you would like to save a copy in the File Library, you can select "Yes". Choose the folder you would like to save it in.


8. Select the recipients (based on groups) by selecting the appropriate check-boxes. By clicking on "Groups", you may select the groups you would like to send to


By clicking on "Units" you may select which units to send the announcement to.


By clicking on "Groups and Units" you will send the announcements to the selected units who also belong in the selected groups.


Click on "View Recipient List" to see who will receive the announcement.


9. If you would selected the announcement to be displayed on the TV, select the TV's you would like the announcement to be displayed on. (You can preview the TV display before posting the announcement)

10. Check off the disclaimer and click "Post Announcement" to complete the process.

You will be able to see a preview of the e-mail you will be sending out. After you post the announcement, emails will be sent to the users belonging in the groups or units that were selected in Step 8. 


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