Step 3: Provide information for your public website

Public Website Information

If your condo would like to take advantage of the public website feature, we can help get you started if you provide us with the following items:

  • Your condo’s logo – if you have one, it will be used in the header of the website
  • Pictures of your building - provide us with three (3) high resolution pictures of your building to use on your website (1600x500)
  • Desired domain name for your website - provide us a URL such as "", and we will set it up. You can check to see if your desired domain is available using a service like
  • Brief description of your condo - provide us with some short text describing your building. This will be displayed on your website's home page. 

​Once the initial setup process has been completed, we can help you set up to a total of five (5) pages that you would like on the website. These typically include pages like: "Neighbourhood", "Amenities", or "Photo Gallery".

If you have any questions, please contact your Customer Activation Specialist at 888-762-6636, or


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