How to create and review Pass-on Logs

Pass-on logs for the Security & Concierge module allow your security team to send important messages to either specific team members or the entire team.

To create a pass on log:

  1. Inside the Security & Concierge module, select the Pass-On Log Button.
  2. From there, you will be prompted to enter a subject, along with Details for your Pass-on Log. 
  3. You can choose to send the above information to the rest of your security team by ticking off the desired recipients. 

When you need to review a message:

  1. After clicking save, the recipient will see the Pass-on Log the next time they log into the security & concierge module. It will pop up every time they log in until they select the 'Reviewed' button, which will then indicate on the pass-on log that the recipient has reviewed it.
  2. The System keeps track of who has read your messages and when they viewed it.
  3. Inside the Security & Concierge module, you can set your search filter to Pass-On Logs and hit search to pull up all the pass on logs you have made or were sent out to you.
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