Submit a Service Request


If you would like to submit a service request, question, complaint or comment to property management or the board, you can follow these steps:

1. Log in to Condo Control and click on “Service Requests” in the side navigation

2. Click on "Add New Service Request”



3. Please follow steps 1-7 for completing your service request: 


1) Request Type: click on the drop down arrow to find the type of request you are making 

2) Request is for: click on the drop down arrow which you can choose which department this request is for.

3) Subject:  Put in the title/ name for your service request identifying the request

4) Detailed Description:   Please use the message box along with its functions to articulate to management what your service request is regarding.

5) Permission to Enter: Please check the box if you are allowing management to enter your premises.

6) Add Attachments:  If you have pictures or documents that you would like to attach to the service please do so by clicking on the upload files tab. 

7) Once you have completed your service request you can press the Send tab to send the request to management.  












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