How to book an Amenity


To create a new booking

If you would like to book an amenity (Moving Elevator, Gym Equipment, Party Room, Guest Suite, etc.), you can follow these steps:

1. Log in to Condo Control


2. Click on "Amenity Booking" on the side navigation. (Note: If this option is unavailable for you, it may not appear in the side navigation. Please contact property management.)


3. Click on the 'Create Booking' tab, select the amenity, date and click on 'Book Now'



4. Review the details of your booking and click on 'Book Now' 



5. Confirm the details of your booking. Change the 'Date & Time' if required then click on Next



6. Once you confirm the details of your booking, click on 'Save'



7. Your booking has been confirmed



8. If you are making on behalf of a resident please type their name here in this box 



For Bookings with Credit Card, please follow the below additional steps:

9. Once you review the Summary screen, click on the Pay and Save your Booking button.


10. Input your credit card information and click “Pay” once you are done. Your booking will then be complete and you will be sent a confirmation email of your booking.



Now you have completed booking an amenity 



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