How to Add a File to the File Library

Note: This feature may not be enabled for Board Members in your Condo. 


To add a file to the file library:

If you would like to add a file to the file library you can follow these steps:

1. Log into Condo Control Central.

2. Click on Library in the side navigation.


3. Click on a downward arrowhead ( v ) to the right of Add New Folder 


Note: If you uploading multiple files please click the link to be taken to our multiple file uploader.  Please look into this guide on how to upload multiple files to the library.

4. Enter the Files name and a Description to be shown about the file.

5. Select which folder the file should go under.

6. Click Choose file to select the file on your computer to be uploaded.

7. Select whether email notifications should go out to all users who have access to this file. We recommend that you leave this feature in the No, Do Not Send Any Emails setting. 

8. Click Save to add the file to the file library .

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