How to change a user's related unit

If an owner or renter has changed units, bought another unit, moved out or sold a unit but still owns or rents another unit in the condo, please follow these steps to add/change a User's Related Unit:

Steps to Add/Edit/Delete a related unit:

How to Add a Related Unit

1. Log into Condo Condo Central and click on "Unit File" on the left side menu. 

2. Search for either the current unit number or the user's name

3. Click on the User's Name

4. View the Related Units section, click on New and add the related unit.


How to Remove a User from a Unit:

1) Under related units select the garbage icon. mceclip0.png


2) Confirm and delete or if wish not to delete press the Do not Delete tab





How to Edit a user's Unit: 

1)  Click on the User you are wanting to change the unit details



 2) Under the headline click on the pencil icon to edit users related unit.




 3) Fill in the updated unit information then press the save tab.  





Please note: To change a user's group (for example from owners to renters), please click here to be directed to the how to article.


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