Providing New Owners/Tenants with a Temporary Password

To provide a new owner/tenant with a Temporary Password:


1. Log into Condo Control Central and select the "Unit File" tab.

2. Search for the unit you wish to give a temporary password for. 

3. If more that one unit shows up in the search result, click the correct unit number and you will be directed to the "Unit Details" page.

4. On the "Unit Details" page click on the edit button.

5. Ensure that the Owner Temporary Password Used or the Tenant Temporary Password Used is not checked. This will ensure the Owner or Tenant will be able to use that temporary password.

6. Click the save button

7. Click on the Unit Number of the unit you wish to give a temporary password for.

8. Give either the Owner Temporary Password or the Tenant Temporary Password to the new Owner/Tenant. 


9. Please also give the new owner or tenant the correct formatting of their unit number in the system. (Eg. 0204 rather than 204)


The new Owner or Tenant can enter this information at to create their account.


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