How to place restrictions on Visitor Parking

Visitor Parking Restriction Options

Visitor Parking in Condo Control Central can be configured by Property Management or a Property Management Company to have restrictions.


To configure Visitor Parking Restrictions please contact Condo Control Central, the following options for restrictions are:


Parking can be restricted by: Number of Overnights or by Number of Permits

Parking can be restricted by Number of Permits per Unit or by Number of Permits by Visitor License Plate

Parking can be restricted by Number of Permits per calendar monthNumber of Permits per Number of Days, and restrictions on permit length in hours can be defined.

Parking can be restricted by individual Parking Spots being assigned to individual parking permits.

To contact Condo Control Central call 1-888-762-6636 Option 2 or email to arrange for Visitor Parking Restrictions to be set-up for your Condo's work space.


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