What is the Security & Concierge Module used for?

The Security & Concierge module provides an easy-to-use tool for your condo's security team to accomplish their day to day tasks. Property Management can also use the data from these tasks to quickly create reports.


VISITOR PARKING: Do you have residents who take advantage of the visitor parking area? Let Condo Control Central help you take back control, with either a fully paperless option, or by using printed parking permits.

SECURITY LOGS: “Pass On Log”, “Communication Log”, “Shift Log”. We’ve taken this basic but important communication tool and brought it online.

KEY TRACKING: Not having control of how keys to amenities, or locker areas, are checked in and out, can create a major security risk. Condo Control Central makes it easy to track and retrieve checked out keys, right from the concierge desk.

PACKAGE TRACKING: The package tracking feature keeps a log of all packages received by the front desk, and can record the signature upon pick up.

INCIDENT REPORTS: Condo Control Central’s incident reports, record all incident details, allowing easy referencing later, and keeps an official record of exactly what happened.

PERMISSION TO ENTER: This feature allows your concierge/security personnel to track authorized entry to a unit when the owner or resident is away.

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