How to Verify/Log an Authorized Entry

To Verify/Log an Authorized Entry:

1. Log into Condo Control Central and click Security & Concierge


2. Click on the highlighted icon shown below signifying Authorized Entry



3. Type  the unit number the person is going to be entering then click on the unit from the drop down list


4. Select the person who has been authorized to enter


5. Enter details about the authorized entry and the entry type (Guard Unlocked or Self-Entry) and check if the following boxes accordingly: checkout a key & ID verified along with any comments.  


( If this is a new authorization please click on the add a new authorization tab and follow the prompts to create a new authorization) 



6. Click Create to submit the authorized entry


7. If you have a Signature Tablet, use the tablet to capture a signature when you see this message:



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