How to edit Unit Details

To edit a unit's details:

1.Log into Condo Control Central and click on the "Unit File" tab

2. Search the unit you wish to edit.

3. If more than one unit shows up in the search result, click the correct unit number and you will be directed to the "Unit Details" page. 

4. On the "Unit Details" page, you can view/edit the following:

Primary Information in the Unit Details page:

  • Unit Name
  • Unit Type (Vacant, Owner Occupied, or Rental Unit)
  • Add/edit/remove Most Recent Sale Date
  • Owner Temporary Password / Tenant (Renter) Temporary Password
  • Add/Edit/Remove Unit Address
  • Add/Edit/Owner Offsite Address

Other Information in the Unit Details page:

  • Add/edit/remove users

  • Add/edit/remove common elements (Parking Spot, Locker, Bike Spot)

  • Vehicle Details

  • Buzzer Codes

  • Pet Details

  • Authorizations for the Unit

  • Parcel Waivers

  • Attachments

  • Notes

  • History Records (This will show you the list of changes that were made regarding the unit)

Please note: To edit or add any field, please click the "Edit" or "New" buttons.


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