How to create an Amenity Booking on behalf of a resident


Please note: Only Security Supervisors and members of the Property Management can create an Authorization on behalf of a resident. 

To create an Amenity Booking on behalf of a resident:

1. Click on Amenity Booking


2. Scroll down and click on New Booking


3. Select the Amenity Group the resident wishes to book


4. Select the Date and Times of the Booking


5. Click on the Check Availability button


6. Select the Amenity the resident wishes to book


7. Type in the residents name or unit number and then select their name from the drop down list


8. Select whether the booking is approved or pending approval


9. Select whether the resident would like an email reminder of their booking


10. Review the payment details with the resident


11. A summary of the booking is shown


12. A confirmation of the booking will be shown



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