How to send a pass-on log

To send a Pass-On Log:

1. Click on Security & Concierge


2. Click on the last icon, Pass-On Log


3. Enter the Subject and Details of the Pass-On Log


4. Select who is required to review the Pass-On Log*


5. Click Save to send the Pass-On Log to the team members selected


Please note that although the selected recipients are required to review the Pass-On Log all other administrators and Security & Concierge Members will be able to view the Pass-On Log.


To check who has reviewed a Pass-On Log and the time it was reviewed

1. Click on Security and Concierge:


2. Search for the Pass-On Log:


3. Click on the Pass-On Log from the list


4. A screen with details on who the Pass-On Log was sent to and reviewed by will appear

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