Why am I not able to do this.

Why am I not able to do this.

The Condo Control Central software allows complete control over the permissions each user group has including what they can view, edit, and delete.

These permissions can be edited completely by property management by following these steps: Click here to learn how to change a user group's permissions


I followed the above link but I still can't accomplish what I need done.

Your Condo Control Central may be synced with a third party accounting software that offers a sync feature allowing owner and renters added to one software to flow through to the other software. This sync feature may also apply to other areas of Condo Control Central.


Below is a list of supported areas of syncing and restrictions by accounting software integration.


If you are synced with Constar:

 Currently the following areas can be synced:

  • Unit name
  • Unit address
  • Offsite address
  • Owner / resident names
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Emergency contacts
  • Vehicles
  • Parking
  • Lockers

Membership in other groups (besides owner / resident)  cannot be synced currently, we are developing this new feature for a future release.

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