How to Install Topaz Signature Pad

1. If you do not already have software for your Topaz Signature Pad, please visit

2. On the right side, click “Install"


3. A PDF will now open on your screen. 


4. Scroll down to Page 3 of the PDF and click on the link in #1 a.


5. A file will download onto your computer

6. Open up “sigweb.exe”

7. When the installer opens, click “Next”

8. Select “T-L” when determining the tablet model group and click “Ok”

9. Select “T-LBK460 or T-L460”and click “Ok”

10. Select “HSB (USB type)” as your connection type.

11.Click “Agree”

12. The software will now download onto your computer (This may take a few minutes)

13. Click “Finish” to exit the setup.

14. Plug in the USB to your signature pad and wait for the software to finish installing onto your computer

15. Your Topaz Signature Pad is now installed onto your computer!

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