How to check if a resident has an email delivery issue

When the attempt to deliver an email is not successful, Condo Control Central will attach a note to the user profile. The note is will either be a 'Temporary Delivery Issue' or 'Invalid Email'

1. Log into Condo Control Central and click on "Unit File" on the left-hand side navigation bar


2. Search and click on the user's name you would like to check the status of their email



2a. To view the details of the Temporary Delivery Issues, click on the blue circle with a white 'i' in it


3. On the User details page, you will be able to resubscribe the user. If you do not see the resubscribe button, please call the support team



4. Confirm the re-subscription and check off the box where it states: "I confirm that..." and click "Save".


5. The user will receive a confirmation email.



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