Understanding Email Deliverability

Despite our best efforts, some emails will end up in the junk or filter folders of the user’s email. This has become more prevalent with the introduction by Google and Microsoft of new tools which will filter our additional messages, moving them to a “Clutter” or “Social Promotions” folders. Condo Control Central works hard to ensure that our messages are delivered into the inbox of as many user’s as possible. Please note that some providers, such as Gmail are more aggressive than others with their filtering efforts.

Our preventative actions include:

  1. Providing unsubscribe methods
  2. Complying with all anti-spam laws and requirements
  3. Monitoring and managing our online reputation with third-party tools


The best course of action for our customers is as follows:

  1. Add our domain to your safe senders list so the messages will not be filtered.
  2. If Condo Control Central messages are sent to the “Clutter” or other filtered folders, move them back to the inbox.


As best practices on email deliverability evolve, we will continue to update our advice to our clients and keep you appraised of the state of the industry, and take whatever actions we can to improve deliverability.

In addition, if you would ever have any specific situation you want us to investigate, please send us the details and we can always look into the situation and provide more context as to what is happening.

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