Explanation of Amenity Booking Service Fee

Condo Control Central has integrated with Stripe so that paying for amenity bookings is even easier! When the building is connected with Stripe, owners and residents will be able to pay for amenity bookings with their credit card. (As long as this option is enabled for the amenity.)

After booking an amenity, the user will reach the summary of the booking:


The booking service fee is a processing fee for booking the amenity through Condo Control Central. Booking service fee include the Condo Control Central service fee of $2.  It also includes The stripe credit card processing fee, which is 30 cents plus 2.9% of the Amenity Usage Fee. 

Please note: If you are using an international card, there will be an additional fee related to this as shown in the summary page below


You will need to confirm you are continuing with this higher fee, then click on Pay And Save Your Booking.

Please note: if a booking is cancelled or the credit card details are updated, the stripe fees and CCC fees will not be refunded.

For clarification on Stripe fees, please view the Stripe website.

Please see our attached Stripe Fee Calculator to view the fee breakdown. You may use this calculator to reproduce how the Booking service fees are calculated for any Amenity Fee amount.

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