Setting up the Lobby Display for Samsung TV Display

Setting up your Lobby Display (Commercial TV)

Please follow the following instructions to set up your new lobby display:

When you first set up your TV, you will be presented with a setup screen.

1. On the Menu Language Screen - Select English

2. On the Display Orientation Screen - Select Landscape 

3. On the Network Settings Page - Pick a Network and connect to the internet. (If you are connected directly to the router, you may skip this step.)

4. If you have connected to the TV, this message will be displayed on the screen

5. On the Configure your TV page, select "No TV (Display Only)"

6. Select the current date and time

7. On the Play Via screen select URL Launcher

8. On the next screen you will see the set up complete screen message, click OK.

9. The screen will display “Weak OR No Signal” if there is a weak connection on the TV. 

10. Click on the Home button on the remote control (It should have a home symbol and is placed right above the up, down, left ,right arrows)

11. On the next screen you will find the icons and a large text with “URL Launcher”

12. Click on the Change URL (Top right corner of the screen above "URL Launcher")

13. On the pop up window -  type in


Your TV code can be found by accessing the setup page of your Condo Control workspace then clicking "Announcements" from the left hand menu.  For detailed instruction on how to locate your TV code please see the user guide here.

Some displays cannot connect to secure servers.  If this URL does not work please try changing https:// to http://

. Click “Done” once you finish entering the mentioned code.

14. On the next screen you will click on “URL Launcher”

15. The application will launch and you should see the template for your building on your screen.

*In case you do not see the template, please check for the internet connection and the URL link* 

If you are experiencing dimming issues, please change these settings once you are done setting up your TV URL. To go back to the menu, please click on the menu button on your remote control.

Menu -> More Settings -> Power Control
Auto Power On: Off
Max. Power Saving: Off
Standby Control: Off
Network Standby: On

Menu -> More Settings ->  Echo Solution
Energy Saving: Off
Screen Lamp Schedule: Off
No Signal Power Off: Off
Auto Power Off: Off

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