How to Post a New Announcement Using Text and Voice Feature

To Post a New Announcement Using Text and Voice Feature:

In order to learn and set up the text and voice message feature on Condo Control Central, please contact a sales representative or our customer support team.

Please note: The text and voice message will only be sent to the residents who have a cell phone number or a home number on their account.


1. Log into Condo Control Central and click on "Announcements" on the left-hand side navigation menu.


2. Click the "Add New Announcement" button


3. Select "Text and Voice Messages" in the section where it asks "How would you like to send the announcement?" (You will also be able to select "Email and Push Notifications" and "Lobby Display" if you would like to send the announcement via email and post it on your lobby display.)


4. Enter the details in the box provided. Once text has been entered in the box, the character limit will show. The box will also show you how many SMS will be sent to the resident. (Please note: The longer the text is, the more SMS will be sent to each resident)


5. Schedule whether you would like to post the announcement now or for a future date.

*Please note: Each SMS will count towards one credit. 1 SMS = 1 Credit, 2 SMS = 2 credits, 3 SMS = 3 credits.*


6. Select if you would like to send the text and voice message to everyone or just the residents who do not have an email on the system.


7. Select the recipients (based on groups) by selecting the appropriate check-boxes. By clicking on "Groups" you may select the groups you would like to send it to.

By clicking on "Units" you may select the units to send the announcements to.

By clicking on "Groups and Units" you will send the announcement to the selected units who belong in the selected groups.

Click on "View Recipient List" to see who will receive the announcement and the delivery method.


8. You can check your usage for the month by clicking on "Check the Usage"


9. Check off the disclaimer and click "Post Announcement" to complete the process.


*If you have any additional questions or require additional training regarding this feature, please contact our support team*

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