Pre-requisites for setting up Constar Integration

Constar is a property management accounting platform designed for condos.  The Constar / CCC integration allows property management companies to save time by synchronizing owner and resident details between the two systems and avoiding duplicate data entry.


In order to install the Constar / CCC integration program, there are  two steps which must be completed.


  1. Provide remote access credentials to your Constar server
    The second step involves allowing CCC temporary access to your server to install  and test the Constar / CCC connector program.  You can use whichever remote access technology you prefer;  Remote Desktop,  Team Viewer, etc.  CCC will connect to the server for about an hour to install the connector and test it to ensure data flows smoothly back and forth between the two systems.
  2. Opening of an inbound firewall port
    To allow CCC to initiate contact with your Constar server, you must open port 8081 on your firewall and allow inbound connections to your server.   If you need help configuring your firewall, please contact your IT or network support administrator.


For any further questions about configuring the Constar integration, please contact your Activation Specialist.


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