June 14, 2018 Release Notes

We have been busy making changes to our system and have completed a large overhaul of our Purchase Order feature in our most recent release which went live June 14, 2018. Please review the changes we have made to Purchase Order as some of the changes impact the way the system works.

  1. You can save a purchase order draft without the current validation.
  2. We have added 130 new currencies to our Purchase order workspace setting. The currency of the workspace will appear based on the location of the workspace.
  3. You now have the option to print the PO in Landscape or portrait mode.
  4. Default tax options are now included and are based on the workspace location. Users have the option to add or delete the tax options.
  5. Your workspace address now shows as the default address on the create/edit purchase order page.
  6. We have introduced a dollar amount limitation for approval of Purchase orders. Number of approvers will be auto-selected based on the dollar amount limitation set.
  7. Purchase orders print version will resize based on the information input, reducing white space.
  8. Administrators now have the option to link a PO to an existing Service request. When a PO is assigned to a Service Request, administrators have the option to make the PO link internal or public.
  9. Purchase Orders can now be categorised by Administrative status. New status that will be added:
  • Work completed - pending invoice
  • Invoice pending approval
  • Invoice approved - pending payment
  • Payment issued
  1. New fields have been added to track the invoice details, Supplier insurance number and cheque numbers.
  2. Administrators now have 3 options to save their purchase order:
    - Option to save and send the Supplier and email
    - Option to save and create a new purchase order. No emails will be sent for this option.
    - Option to save and share a link. This option will allow users to copy a link and have the option to send an email or SMS using the link.
  3. Administrators can track General ledger details while creating a Purchase order.

If you have any questions or need clarification on any of the changes to our Purchase Order feature, please contact support at 416-961-7884, option 2, or email us at

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