How to take an Amenity Out of Service

If you need to take an amenity out of order, for the day, week or coming months, please follow the below steps!


1. Login to Condo Control Central


2. Navigate to the "Setup Page" tab in Condo Control Central.​ You can access this by Clicking on "Welcome!" on the top right of your window.


3. Click on Amenities, from the left side menu.


4. On the Amenities page, click on the "No Entry" or "Circle-Backlash" icon, to the left of the Amenity you would like to take Out of Service.



5. Under Select  and Time heading please complete the details of the amenity and the to and from date you would like to take the amenity out of service. Once you have completed this please click on the next tab. 





6.Under the Review Conflicts & Submit heading: please review any conflicts you may have regarding this amenity being cancelled.  Secondly please write in the details section a letter that will inform the residents why their booking is getting cancelled. Once you have completed this section please click on the next tab. 



7) Confirmation page:  This page shows you the amenity that you have taken out of service along with any conflict bookings that have been cancelled. 



You have now completed the user guide on how to take an amenity out of service 





If there are conflicts, you will be shown the bookings that will be cancelled, if there is no conflicts, that will also be detailed for you. Click the Confirm and Take Out of Service button once you have reviewed any possible conflicts.


7. You will then be showed the complete details of your Amenity that has been taken out of order including the start and end dates as well as the Conflicts if applicable. Click OK and your Amenity will be Out of Service


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