Online Payments - How to create a payment on Behalf of Residents

As a Property Manager, you have the ability to complete a payment on behalf of residents, to do so, please follow the below steps.


1. Login to Condo Control Central


2. Click on Make a Payment from the left side menu.


3. Click on the Make a Payment button. 


4. Fill in the appropriate fields for the Payment - Enter details on what the resident is paying for, enter an invoice or reference number if applicable, and the amount being paid, requester comment may be either optional or required based on site settings. The Service fee (this is an automatically populated section) will be explained in detail at the end of this user guide. At the bottom of the Payment Details page, the last text box is where you enter the name of the user that you are completing the payment on behalf of - you can search for the user by their name or unit number, click on the correct user from the drop down that appears. Once all information is entered, click on Next.


5. You will then be able to Review the details of the payment, once you are sure of the details, click on Confirm and Pay.

6. You will then enter the payment details for the resident - once all information is detailed, click the Pay button.

Once payment details are confirmed, the resident will receive an email confirmation of their payment.


Service Fee Breakdown:

 There are two parts to the Service fee:

1. Stripe fee - For the use of Stripe, there is a 2.9% + 30 cent charge to each transaction/payment.

2. Condo Control Central Fee - For each online payment, CCC charges either 1% of the payment total or $2.00, whichever amount is higher.

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