How to post a Classified Ad



  1. Login to your Condo Control Central account.


  1. On the left side menu, click “Classified Ads”.



  1. Click on the name of the forum you are looking for, labelled here as “Classified Ads”.


  1. On the top right hand corner, click “New Classified”.



  1. You will be brought to a page to create your new classified ad.



Topic: This will be the title of your classified Ad

Message: This section will allow you to describe the ad

Price: You will be able to add a specific price listing of the ad you are posting. If no specific price is added, then the system will show it as ‘negotiable’.

You should not include any special characters in this section, as the system will not allow you to post.


Expiration Date: On this section of the post, you can select a date and time, in which the ad will expire/close.

Upload Image: If you have a photo of the product you are selling, you may “choose file”, and upload the image.


  1. Click “create”.



  1. Your classified ad will show up on the main page.

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