Online Payments - How to make a payment

Need to make payment through Condo Control Central? Follow the steps below to find out!


1. Login to Condo Control Central


2. Click on the Make a Payment, from the left side menu


3. Click on Make a Payment.


4. To complete a Recurring Payment such as a Maintenance fee, you will select either Recurring payment or other available options from the "I want to pay for" drop down menu. A recurring payment will not have a section to detail what you are paying for. Enter the Invoice/reference number if applicable, as well as the amount. The Type of Payment section for Recurring Payments will let you know that the payment will be charged on your credit card on the first of each month - and not from the date in which you create a new payment on Condo Control Central. For example, a recurring payment created on CCC on September 8, 2018 will not be charged on the user's card until October 1, 2018. Once all details are entered, click on Next.

5. The Review and Pay page for Recurring payments will show beside the Type of Payment when the first payment is scheduled to be made and the total amount including the service fee.

6. To make a One-Time Payment, select One Time Payment from the "I want to pay for:" drop down section.

7. Fill in the appropriate fields for the One-Time Payment - Enter what you are paying for so that your property management will know, enter an invoice or reference number if applicable, and the amount being paid, requester comment may be either optional or required based on site settings. The Service fee (this is an automatically populated section) will be explained in detail at the end of this user guide. Once all information is entered, click on Next.


8. You may now review the details provided - if it needs correcting, click on the Cancel button at the bottom of the page to go back to the Payment Details page. If all information is correct, click on Confirm and Pay.

9. The Payment box will now pop up on your screen, this where you will enter your email address as well as your credit card information. Once all is detailed, click on the Pay button to complete your payment.

10. You will then be directed back to the Review and Pay page, you will see a confirmation message along the top of the screen. By clicking on My Payments, you will be directed to your payments page where all payments made on your account will be detailed.

 Please note: If you are using an international card, there will be an additional fee related to this as shown in the summary page below



Service Fee Breakdown:

 There are two parts to the Service fee:

1. Stripe fee - For the use of Stripe, there is a 2.9% + 30 cent charge to each transaction/payment.

2. Condo Control Central Fee - For each online payment, CCC charges either 1% of the payment total or $2.00, whichever amount is higher.

3. Stripe International Fee - For payments made with an international card


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