How to Create an Amenity

Follow the steps below on how to create a new amenity as a site administrator!


1. Login to CCC


2. Navigate to the "Setup Page" tab in Condo Control Central.​ You can access this by Clicking on "Welcome!" on the top right of your window.


3. Click on Amenities, from the left side menu.


4. Click on the New button to create a new Amenity.


5. Fill out the applicable fields.

Amenity Name- The name of the Amenity

Amenity Group - The name of the Amenity Group you will like to group the new Amenity into.

Detailed Description - any description you would like to add in regards to the Amenity.

Administration Group and Approval for this Amenity - If you would like the amenity to require approval, you would need to include an Administration group to approve. If no administration group is chosen, the default would be the Property Managers group.

Maximum Booking Length - This would be the maximum amount of time a user can book the amenity for

Volume of bookings per user - This would restrict users to only book a maximum of the amount you have placed. If it is left blank, there will be no restriction.


Booking Start and End Times - No Restrictions means that bookings can occur at any time and does not have a restricted Start and End time. Daily means that only one booking for the Amenity can be created per day.

Minimum Booking Lead Time - The User will need to make the Amenity booking within the given minimum amount of time 

Maximum Booking Lead Time - The User cant make the Amenity booking prior to this given time frame.

Booking Start and End Times - Hotel-Style means that bookings will be created in a hotel style manner where there is a check-in and check-out time and only one booking can be made in that time frame.


Terms and Conditions - If you set it to No Terms then users will not have to agree to anything prior to proceeding. Agree Online means the user would need to agree to the Text conditions. Signature Required means that the user would need to print out the agreement, sign it and return to property management.


Payment Type - You can have the Payments set to any of the four options. Cash or Credit Card will allow residents to choose which option they would prefer during the booking process.


Fee Type - Hourly means that the Fee Amount detailed is charged for each hour booked. Therefore, if a booking is made for 3 hours and the Fee amount is $10 then the total Fee Amount will be $30. Flat Rate means that the Fee Amount will be charged once only regardless of the number of hours/days booked. Daily means that the Fee amount is charged for each day the amenity is booked for.


Fee Amount - The amount charged for the Amenity Fee

Deposit Amount - The amount of the Deposit that will be held during the Amenity Booking.

Enable Guest Limit - This requires the resident to input the number of guests. This can be enabled or disabled.


Once all of the setting have been inputted, click Save to create your Amenity!




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