How to Complete Your Proxy

To complete your proxy for the AGM that your condo corporation you will be sent a link to your email or cell phone. You will receive a special link just for you to complete this proxy.

Once you open your link, you will have the option to download the attachments they have provided and create your proxy or submit “Yes, I am attending”

If you select “Yes, I am attending” we still highly recommend you complete your proxy in case something does occur, and you are no longer able to make it to the AGM meeting.

When you select “Create your proxy now” you will be able to confirm your contact details for your profile. Once you confirm you are now able to begin to complete your proxy

You will continue through the proxy and answer any questions that come up. Please note the screenshots below will be different to what you have on your corporations’ proxy.

Once you completed answering all the questions you have will need to sign. You can do this via your mouse or simply typing your name.

 Once you have completed signing, the proxy has now been submitted. You are now able to download and print your proxy if you would like to retain a copy.

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