Policy on Billing Changes and Cancellations

This document outlines Condo Control Central's policies on changes to the billing entity as well as cancellations.



CCC Client

This is the organization (condo, co-op, or home-owners’ association) who is using the service.

Billing Entity

This is the organization who is paying the bill for the Condo Control Central service.  This may or may not be the same as the End Client.  For example the service may be paid by a security company or property management company.

Notice Date

This is the date that the Billing Entity first advised CCC, in writing, that they intend to discontinue paying for the service.

Notice Period

The thirty days between the Notice Date and the Termination Date.

Transition Date

The date when billing for the service will be switched from the old Billing Entity to the new one.

Termination Date

This is the date when service will be discontinued.

Data Retrieval Period

This is the period when the system is accessible to administrators for the purposes of exporting their data. During this period the system is inaccessible to owners and residents, and no new items can be posted to the system.

Renewal Date

For a CCC Client whose service is paid annually, the date when their service will renew.

Takeover Pricing

This is the pricing provided to a new Billing Entity after Notice of a change to a billing entity has been given to CCC.


Refers to the particular database within CCC which is used by the CCC Client.

Process for Change of Billing Entity

When a CCC Client or Billing Entity decides that there will be a change of responsibility for the CCC service bill, they must advise CCC at least 30 days prior to the Termination Date (the Notice Period).  This scenario most often happens when the CCC Client changes their security or management company who was paying for the CCC service.

Upon receiving notice of the anticipated change, CCC will take the following steps:

  1. Update our billing records
  2. Provide Takeover Pricing to the new Billing Entity
  3. Be available to provide training for anyone new who will begin using the system.
  4. On the Transition Date, remove all applicable users from the Workspace.

Transition pricing will be current list prices for whichever package is closest to the CCCC Client’s current package.  The new Billing Entity may receive an existing client discount (this is solely at CCC’s discretion).  There is no setup fee for a switch of Billing Entity; fees only apply if additional on-site training or hardware is ordered as part of the transition.  

Process for Cancellation

If the CCC Client wishes to cancel their service, they must notify CCC at least 30 days prior to the planned Termination Date.  On the Termination Date, CCC will go into Read Only mode for 30 days (the “Data Retrieval Period”). During this period the client administrators will be able to login to CCC and download all of their data.  After the end of 30 days, all access to the Workspace will be removed. The data may also be fully removed from CCC’s systems (at CCC’s discretion).

If the CCC Client wishes to extend their subscription on a month-to-month basis, they may do so at current list prices.  A month-to-month extension must be paid monthly, in advance, either by Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) or Credit Card.  Under no circumstances will month-to-month extensions be granted that are paid by cheque.

Failure to Confirm Renewal

If a client whose service is paid annually has not confirmed their renewal intentions by their Renewal Date, their account will be deemed Cancelled and the system will enter the Data Retrieval Period for 30 days.

If during the Data Retrieval Period the client advises CCC that they wish to continue their service, an invoice will be generated and service will be restored.  Billing will continue uninterrupted from the original Renewal Date.


For any questions regarding the Policy on Billing Changes and Cancellations, please give us a call at 1(888) 762-6636, Option 2.

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