How to Sign a Consent Document

When your Corporation requires the signing of a Document that requires your vote in favour or against via CCC, one method of signing would be via a prompt once signed into CCC. The below steps guide you on how to sign!

1. When the pop-up window comes up, you can choose to have the system remind you later, or setup now - if you are prepared to sign the document, click on Setup Now.


2. The document for signing will then come up on your screen, you will be able to read the document, vote on it, sign, and save the document.

i. Read the document

ii. Vote Yes or No

iii. You can either Type your name or Draw your signature. Examples of both can be found below.

iv. Click Save.


Below you will find an example of how to Draw your signature. You will need to use your mouse to draw your signature.


Once Saved, you may view your signed document via My Account.

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