Budget Mail-out Feature

Follow the steps below on how you can send your Owners/Residents their Monthly Common Element fees via the Budget Mail-out functionality found via Announcements.

  1. Login to CCC.


  1. Click on Announcements from the left side menu.




3. Click on the Create New Announcement tab 



 4. Click on the Budget Mail out tab 



5.You will then come to the Choose Data step of the budget mail out. Fill out the required fields, including uploading the budget mail out file. You may upload your own budget mail out file, or you may download a template of an initial budget mail out. You will also enter the last unit number listed in your excel file. Enter the start date for the new fees, and the end date for the fees will be automatically updated to reflect a year from the start date. Once all required fields have been entered, you may click Next.





  1. On this page you will be able to Review Data imported from the uploaded file. Once you review the data, click Next.
  2. The next step will be to Send Emails, this is where you will prepare the Announcement notification that will be sent out accompanying the budget mail out. You may choose Yes or No in regards to using our printing services (CATS Media).
    1. Select Groups – choose the groups to be recipients of the Budget Mail out Announcement
    2. Details - You can drag and drop the fields to the left into the details section to generate the field related email. Check the email preview to ensure the details match. Please note, unit details, monthly fee and Unit address will be different for all units.
    3. Expiration Date – this will be the date in which the Announcement will no longer be visible on the Home page. However, it may still be accessed via the Announcements tab.

The Email Preview will allow you to view your announcement as it will appear to the recipients.


Once you click I Agree and also click on "Post Announcement" at the bottom of the Send Emails page, your Budget Mail-out Announcement will be sent.


7) To have this Budget announcement Printed and sent to all the required recipients please click on the     " Connect me to the print jobs page" 



8) Now please select whether you would like your Budget Mail printed copy in black & white or in colour. You will have to first select either the Black & White  or Colour option.  Then below underneath print select package you will click on the drop down arrow and select Black & White or Colour. 




9) Please select if you would like the mail out package to be sent out to the  selected recipients you have chosen or  if you would like the print order of the mail out to the sent back to you: you will be required to put the Return Address in the Return Address box below.  As well if you have any special instructions: please put those instructions in the  Special Instructions box which is below the Return Address below box 


10) Once you have completed all the boxes press the Continue button to proceed.



11)  Please check that all details you have entered are correct and once you have done that please scroll to the button and click on the " Submit Order" button. 



12)  Your order has now been placed along with a copy of your print details. 



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