How To Make a Fee Adjustment

 A fee adjustment is either deducting from or adding to the original fee charged. Deducting from the original fee will mean you are providing a discount.

To be able to perform a fee adjustment, the payment type for the amenity has to be 'credit card' only, and the 'fee can be adjusted by management' button has to be checked. As shown below:



To do this, follow these steps: 

1. Click on the welcome button, then click on the setup button


 2. Click on Amenities on the left hand side of the screen


 3. Select the amenity you would like to edit and click on the pen icon to the left of the amenity 


4. Check the 'Credit Card' button under Payment Type and 'fee can be adjusted by management' button under Fee Calculation and click Save 


To adjust the fee, go to a booking that has not been approved where you want to adjust the fee

5. Click on the table to the left of the booking

tempsnip.png6. Click on update booking, and type the amount you would like to adjust the fee by.

Please Note:

  • To give a discount of $5 type -5
  • To charge an additional $5 type 5


7. Click save and your booking fee will have been adjusted.


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