Mobile App - How to complete a Service Request

 If you need to enter a Service Request and not near a desktop, use the CCC Mobile App to do so with the below steps!

1) Log into your Condo Control Central account 


2) Click on the Service Requests tab





 Step 3:  To create a new service request, go the top right and click on the pencil icon 




 Step 4:  Click on the box and enter who/ unit this request is for 




Step 5: Once you have found the require user. Please scroll down and complete each section using the example as template for help. 



Step 6: Once you have completed all the required fields for your service request.  Please mark is access/ permission is required to enter the premises from the unit owner/tenant.




Step 7:  You have completed  your  Service Request, please click on OK . Now your service request has been created. 





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