Mobile App: How to Register

Lets get started in helping you to register for your new Condo Control Central portal.


1)  Open your Welcome email and enter your Temporary password along with your unit #. If the app doesn't allow you to continue please put 0 before the number of your unit. Example for unit 1 would be 001.  Please see picture B for detail 



If you have not received a temporary password and would like to register  please click on the Register tab as seen  in picture A) 









 2) Please choose add new user or if you already  see your name and email address as below please click on your name.



3) Please fill in each box with your personal details


4) If you would like to subscribe to the CCC  newsletter or require assistance in an Emergency please check off those points.  After checking off those points, fill in all required details and once you are finished click the Save button. 




5) IF you are finished adding in your user details and everything is correct please click on the Finish button. 



6) The Registration Complete button will appear prompting you that you have finished the Registration successfully and then press OK.  You have now completed your registration on your mobile platform. 







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