Insert an Image into an Announcement

To insert an image into your announcement, please take the following steps. We do not advise you to paste images directly into the text box of an announcement. Images to be inserted have to be in the form of a URL. This can be done by entering the image URL from the web browser or by adding your images to Dropbox then copying the URL link into the announcement 



How to Insert and Image into an an Announcement

1. Login to your Condo Control Central Account then click on the Announcements button



2. Click on the Create New Announcement Button


3.Select the type of announcement you will be using


4. Check off the box for 'Email and Push Notifications' if it will be an email notification; you can also check the 'Lobby Display' box if you want it to appear on the Lobby Display.



There are two ways you can insert an image into announcements - both detailed below


Via image URL link on your web browser


1. Find the image you would like to use via your web browser and copy the URL link.

2. Click on the image icon when creating your announcement 


3. Paste the link to the URL in the image dialogue box as shown below and adjust the height or width as required, then click OK. 



Via Dropbox : When you have an image in Dropbox that you would like to use


1. Visit Dropbox at

  • You can either Sign in if you have an account or you can create a new one. 


2. Add images to your Dropbox via saved images in your computer's File Explorer. 

  • Go into the folder where you saved the image.  Choose the image you are wanting to use by clicking on it then click on the Open tab. 



3. Now you will see that have uploaded your image to Dropbox. 


4. When you would like to use your Dropbox images in your announcement, you will then, from the left hand-side click on the Files tab.



5. Select the image you are wanting to use and click on it. The image will come up and you will need to right click on it and click on Copy Image Address



7. Once you have copied the image address you will follow the "Via image URL" steps above.




Now that the image is added into your announcement, you may complete the rest of your announcement and post it. The image will then be added to the lobby display and/or email notification as shown below.


Via Lobby Display



Via Email


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