Announcement Templates

This user guide will show you how to use the Announcement Templates function: 

1) Log into Condo Control Central 


2) Go to the Announcements tab which is on the left hand side 



3) Click on the Create New Announcement tab in the top right hand-side of this page



4) Click on " Pick from our templates" tab 



5) Scroll through all the templates and select which template you would like to use 



6) Once you found your template: click use this template


Follow the steps below on how to customize your announcement template:

1) Please select how you would like to send this announcement with the options available  

2) Create a title for your announcement




3) Fill in the bracketed areas in the text section

4) Select an Expiry date when you would like this announcement to expire



5) Schedule post: please select either now or later: if later please select the date and time when                      you would like to schedule the post. 

6) Attach any relevant files if required 

7) Select whether you would like to save the file you have attached in file library

8) Please select whether you would like a group or units to receive this announcement or both

9) If you have choose groups please select the groups that would like to receive this                                        announcement for. Once you have done you can view the recipient list to see who will  be                          receiving this announcement. 



10)  Agree to the terms of the disclaimer and click on the Post Announcement tab



11) If you require a paper delivery of this report please click on the Download function for Mailing label report or Door to Door report.  Then press the continue tab to proceed with your announcement. 



You have now completed how to create an Announcement Templates  






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