August 28, 2019 Release Notes

The following changes were rolled out to Condo Control Central during our August 28, 2019 release. Please review the release notes below carefully as some changes impact the way the system works. If you have any questions or need clarification on any of the changes, please contact support at 416-961-7884, option 2, or email us at


  • Electronic Voting
       We Introduced electronic voting as a tool used to submit a ballot. The feature will have the configuration very similar to Proxy Voting. Once an Electronic Voting By-law has been put into place, condominium corporations will no longer need to use proxies, whether traditional or electronic.


  • Security & Concierge
       We addressed a request from users to allow security to log multiple packages. Now, this can be done on the single create page. Security can use this feature by clicking on "log multiple packages" button on the create new package page.
  • Discussion Forum
       We Added a new functionality allowing users to follow forums and threads on Discussion Forum. Similar to current functionality for classified ads, users who follow a forum/thread level will receive email notifications about new topics or threads.


  • Condo Manager sync
      - We made speed improvements on CCC’s end. After today's changes the time to sync data between both systems should be quick.
      - We made an improvement for the update button, which will now make the change and save it on our side. Prior to this change it was asking the users to confirm the data and then saving it (resulting in very slow and time-consuming process).
      - As part of the change we fixed duplication of data in the system.
      - We are working on 2-way integration change, which should be released soon. 
  • Visitor sign-out issue
       We addressed the issue with future expiring vehicles being signed out
  • VMS sync
       We addressed issues with VMS data sync. User will now experience faster sync and also duplication of tenants and owners was fixed as part of the release.
  • Reporting
       We addressed the request from clients to improve the formatting of the board meeting report in word and excel. We improved the formatting of the document and also removed unnecessary spacing.
  • Security & Concierge Issue
       We addressed an issue with capturing signature via Topaz signature pad, previously the capture signature screen did not disappear after capturing the signature.
  • Announcement
       We addressed the issue with Chinese characters not showing correctly on emails. When an announcement is posted with Chinese characters the details should show properly on CCC secure site and also the emails.


Thank you for you time reading this month's release notes! We are constantly working on making our product better and really appreciate your feedback (which will always be addressed). 

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