How to make a link within an Announcement


Property Management and Administration at times need to include outside links to their Announcements. This guide gives a step by step guide on how you can add this for yourself!


1) Login to CCC and Click on the Announcement tab from the left side menu.



 2) On the right hand side you will click on the tab " Create New Announcement" 



3)  Choose which Announcement you would like to create 




4)You will click on the Source button 




5) You will input this example URL link within the code below, enter this within the Source section of the announcement.

 LINK :                           <a href="">click here</a>        


You will replace the highlighted bold areas above with your URL link and the wording you would like to be displayed within your Announcement for your users to click on. Lastly, you will also include wording to explain the link you would like your users to click on. 



6) On the right hand side of the page you will be able to see a preview of what the Announcement looks like so you can make the changes accordingly. 



7) Once you are happy with the changes you have made complete the rest of the announcement.

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