Service Requests: Setup

To set up or review the conditions and/or options available for your service requests, you will need to follow the below steps!

First, you will need to access the setup page, click on the welcome button(top right-hand corner), click on setup , then click on service requests on the left-hand menu.

Service Request Setup Page

In the Service Request setup page, you will see the General settings along with settings for Service Request Types, Macros, FAQ's & Knowledge Base,and SLA settings.




Settings from top to bottom, to edit a setting, click on the pen ('Edit') button to the right of the setting

1. This setting enables or disables service requests for resident

2. Add or Delete new categories for service requests

3. Edit the introductory text a resident sees when creating a service request

4. Edit whether reminders are sent or not

5. Edit whether owners can email the board about service requests

6. Enable or disable service requests to be closed without a comment

7. Enable or disable priority status options

8. Enable or disable the permission to enter option for residents




For a Guide on how to Add/Edit the Service Rest Types, click here

For a Guide on how to Add/Edit the Macros, click here

For a Guide on how to Add/Edit the FAQ's & Knowledge Base, click here

For a Guide on how to Add/Edit the SLA, click here



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