Service Requests: How to Add/Edit FAQ's and Knowledge Base

This user guide outlines how to add and edit FAQ's and the Knowledge Base from the Service Requests setup page.


Refer to the video below for a demonstration of the service requests setup page:
Service Requests: Setup Page Overview


FAQ's and Knowledge Base

These page allows property managers create a knowledge base and articles for condominium residents



Settings from top to bottom

1. Enable or disable Knowledge page

2. Include the knowledge page when creating a new service request


When setting 2 is enabled, this is what residents see:



To view articles beneath each knowledge base topic, click on the topic. The articles will be as below



To create a new knowledge base topic or article click on the 'Add New' button as shown below. Articles have to be related to a knowledge base topic. To edit existing topics or articles click on the pencil to the left of the entry of interest. If you would like to delete an item click on the garbage can


New Topic


New Article



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